A downloadable Gravity Ball for Windows

Control gravity to guide a ball into a portal past several obstacles and countless levels ,in several game modes including single player levels, multiplayer battles, races and more.  Insane fun for more than one person in the multiplayer races and good for everyone out there.

Use WASD for player 1 and the arrow keys for player 2

In the fighting mode, player 1 uses tab to shoot and player 2 uses ctrl 

There are currently 15 single player levels, 10 multiplayer levels when you race each other and a fighting and mess game mode.

Also if you are finding it hard to control the ball you can slow the ball down by going in the opposite direction to the one it is travelling.

Please leave a comment or review if you have downloaded the game.  I want to improve it as much as I can.  Please even mention extra fun game modes that you could come up with.

AuthorAblaze games
TagsCo-op, family, Flight, Gravity, Kickstarter, level, Pixel Art, Short, skill
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2

Install instructions

1.After clicking download choose to see the file in your file drive.

2.Open the file in your file drive (you can choose to put it on your home screen by right clicking and choosing the set to home screen option)

-If your computer does not accept the unknown exe file then click into more information and click download anyway.  It will then run a 15 second scan for malware and then leave you to play the game.


Gravity Ball prototype file 21 MB

Development log